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Short Bio

I graduated in Sociology and Political Science from Koç University and started as a reporter at Forbes Magazine. There, I worked with great journalists and got hands-on content creation experience. Later on, I became an editorial director and communications consultant for various media projects. Eventually, I took the leap and founded my own media venture. In 2020, I accepted a new challenge as a founding partner of Novus, a generative AI company. I currently lead a team that develops cutting-edge solutions for clients.

Working On

Novus is a communication technologies company based in Istanbul & Cambridge, MA. Our flagship product, Novus Writer, is an AI-based marketing content software. It allows agencies to quickly and easily generate brand-specific, fact-checked and up-to-date text and visuals for blog posts, e-commerce material, and social media content. 


klok is a new-age content marketing agency that specializes in providing cutting-edge text, and visual content solutions to its clients. Utilizing artificial intelligence-based technologies, klok can deliver solutions that are tailored to its client's needs, providing them with an edge in the market.

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