Who am I?

After graduating from Koç University, Department of Sociology and International Relations, I started working as a reporter for Forbes. After working with publications such as Esquire and Forbes Life, I served as editorial director and communications consultant for various startups & media initiatives. Since 2020, I continue to work at Novus, a communication technologies company of which I am a founding partner.


What do I do?

Istanbul-based communication consultant with over 8 years of experience helping tech companies and individuals craft their message and tell their story.


Novus is a technology company that focuses on the applications of the state-of-the-art approaches in AI to written content production and consumption. Our own machine learning models and technologies aside, our main product is Novus Writer with its web application and browser extension.

With just a prompt, Novus can create wholly original content, be it for articles, blogs or ads, or assist in shorter tasks such as email generation, fact-checking or a text rewrite.

Our user-friendly augmented writing generation guarantees fact accuracy. Bringing together web and neural networks, running the whole circle from elements of information to deserved output , to save the writer time and increase the quality of their writing in any language. 


I've been fascinated with the client & consultant relationship and how it manifest through communication. It is important to be able to manage people and projects, to be able to oversee technology and its implementations. But success with any of these is based on solid communication.

I am a communications and content consultant to B2B & B2C startups, with an emphasis on technology firms. I can provide you with extensive PR services to help your business grow in visibility and stature. Additionally, I am skilled in developing compelling editorial content strategies that will help attract new customers and partners. 

I help founding teams find their unique story, message, and voice that will communicate the most important aspects of their company to its key constituencies.


Maslak Mah. AOS 42 Maslak B Blok Sit.No:4/542 Sarıyer

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