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I’m Grateful for What I’ve Been Through

Updated: Apr 30

It feels amazing that I’ve grown that much as a person in the last couple of years. I’m a 26-year-old entrepreneur who is sure that my story will eventually grow into something more.

I majored in social science in college, and after graduating I decided to pursue a career as a diplomat. I put on the work, did excellent internships, etc. However, after graduating, I switch my career path to journalism. It was my last internship with a magazine that thought me that I wouldn’t like the bureaucracy, had to be more free as a person in order to enjoy it. A couple of years in the conventional media had been fantastic at first. I was good at my job, I covered great businesses and my views were quite good. After a year I started to feel that the pay was not good. I was that one guy who was covering chairs, founders, CEOs; and taking the bus to get home. I was working a lot, and I still am. One day the mag I was working for decided to stop (more like announced to stop, we had been feeling a change of the weather) its operations. Thereafter, I found myself in the startup ecosystem. I gave consulting, served with cool titles, and of course, was cheated. But through all of this, I’ve grown as a person and am grateful for all the experiences that have come into my life. Visit me on my Medium page

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